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    Personal Loan: One-stop solution in times of Emergency

    Do you know how to get a personal loan? With the number of financial brands advertising the best personal loans with competitive interest rates, many first-time borrowers may find it challenging to pick the right loan. 

    However, that may not be a problem if you know how an online lender works. Whether you want a mortgage for your house or a loan for a new car, you can get payday loans.   

    Sometimes, we want to handle personal items like renovating homes, paying medical bills, or buying furniture. Regarding such personal expenses, you may consider a personal loan from Rad Cred.

    How Do Personal Loans Function?

    * Before you can enjoy personal loans from online lenders, you must request a loan application. The application contains your    personal information, the amount you need, your income, and other relevant information about you.

    * The lender funds your account immediately if you get loan approval for your online personal loans. The minimum loan amounts vary among online loan providers, including the monthly payments.

    * However, some online loans come with a loan origination fee. Nevertheless, you must repay the loan with an interest rate. Therefore, before you pick online loans, you must know the loan payments and interest rates.

    Possible Interest Rates

    We mentioned that you must pay back your loan with an interest rate, depending on your agreement with an online loan provider. Borrowers who receive high-interest rates may rely on their bad credit scores. Also, you can enjoy low-interest rates if you have a good credit score.

    On the other hand, compare the interest rate and prepayment penalty before accepting any online loan. Furthermore, check if you are getting a variable or fixed interest rate.

    The latter can help you save money when you make on-time payments. Depending on market rates, if your online loan providers use varied rates, their loans may be more expensive or affordable than a fixed-rate loan.

    Types of Personal Loans

    Secured Personal Loans

    People with bad credit scores often receive secured loans and must put up collateral before their credit approvals.

    Unsecured Personal Loans

    With this type of loan, you don’t need to put down any collateral before you can receive online loans.

    Reasons To Opt For Personal Loan


    Online loan providers offer personal loans to people based on what they want to achieve. For instance, you can use low-interest personal loans for the following purposes:

    • Buying electronics/furniture

    • Medical bills payment

    • Consolidating debt 

    • Renovate or complete home repairs 

    • Pay for holiday, wedding, divorce, or funeral expenses

    In other words, borrowers can use their personal loans for anything, but they must make on-time payments.


    Online Personal Loan Pros and Cons 



    • Easier access

    • Convenience

    • Time savings


    • Higher interest rates 

    • Prepayment penalties

    • Scams threat

    To Sum It Up 


    To apply for a personal loan, you must be savvy before accepting any lender’s offer. You should make a soft credit inquiry on the major credit bureaus before picking that home equity or online personal loan. Rad Cred can help you with some of the most competitive interest rates on the market.

    However, if you have existing debt, most lenders would consider your debt to income ratio. Generally, they tend to charge you more interest rates than someone without a bad credit report. Finally, consider your financial goals when you want a personal loan.



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