Jayden had always been the pride of his parents, teachers, and high schoolmates. However, things were getting out of hand quickly, and he had to fix the problem he had started. Trying to think of the best solution, he began right at the core of his problem.

He had been blinded by the desire to live luxuriously and had finally chosen a university that swallowed his parents’ income combined. While he had other choices to go to schools with lesser expenses, Jayden wanted to live in luxury for once.

“Jayden, I’m proud you got into a private university, but I don’t think your father and I can afford to send you to that school. Can’t you reconsider and choose one nearby with lesser expenses?” Jayden’s mother had complained.

Unfortunately, Jayden would have none of it and complained of always having to settle with the worst among available options. Although Jayden’s offer had no extra financial aid, not wanting their son to be unhappy, Jayden’s parents agreed to send him to the university of his choice and worked towards it. The first two years were heaven for Jayden until he lost both of his parents to an accident.

After the death of his parents, Jayden nosedived into acquiring huge debts. That was expected since he refused to pull out of the expensive university he was in.

Additionally, he had to pay his school and other bills independently since no one was there to help. Then again, his parents had left a whooping debt behind since they also struggled to pay their son’s exorbitant bills while alive.

Jayden regretted not working according to his financial capability, but it was too late to turn back. He was already in his third year and had also acquired a long string of debts. He had to find a means to pay his debts back and seek the counsel of a financial advisor.

Fortunately for Jayden, the universe smiled at him, and luck fell right into his lap. It was during a group discussion he had with his colleagues. He had looked so downcast that his friend requested to have a talk with him after the discussion.

“I am getting frustrated, Oliver. I’m neck deep in debt that I don’t even have spare change to get a new book when I receive my paycheck. Unfortunately, my debt doesn’t seem to be reducing. I have tried all I could,” Jayden burst out.

“You could get a loan. Have you thought of that?”

However, Jayden’s credit score was so bad that no lending company wanted to come to his rescue. Those who wanted to help made ridiculous offers that would plunge him into more student loan debt in the long run.

Then, Oliver told Jayden about RadCred.

Jayden, who had had his hopes raised high and dashed several times, was not excited about trying out another lending company yet again. He immediately disregarded the idea, but Oliver’s persistence forced him to check out the company. That same day, Oliver gave Jayden the company’s direct link and told him to check out their site.

Jayden was amazed by how simple RadCred made getting a student loan. He was encouraged, and he browsed more about the company. He researched debt relief, debt cancellation, monthly payments, public service loan forgiveness, loan term, private student loan, and more.

After checking the company’s site and discovering they offered free service, he applied for a loan. Surprisingly, despite his bad credit score history, he was eligible for a loan.

Within minutes, he was connected to various certified lenders at RadCred. He received an email from a lender interested in lending to him. Having learned his lesson the bitter way about rushing to make decisions without many thoughts, he decided to contact the company’s customer representatives. Yet again, Jayden was awed.

“My questions were answered promptly and satisfactorily by RadCred’s representatives. Sometimes I suddenly woke up at night and came up with new questions concerning the loan. I always sent them, not minding the time. However, RadCred proved capable, as they always replied to my inquiries without wasting time”.

Two days later, Jayden received an email from another lender. Then, the company provided him with the offer details of the two lenders. The details included the loan length, interest rate, and conditions for loan payments. Also, with an income-driven repayment plan, he was able to get a good monthly payment plan based on his income.

He weighed the two and finally chose the one that worked best for him. Jayden accepted the offer from one of the lenders by signing the promissory note and immediately got the funds in his bank account.

Jayden got a student loan with no origination fees and a reasonable Annual Percentage Rate (APR), and he could liquidate his debts. From the information he got on RadCred’s site, Jayden knew when he had paid off his debts, he only had to focus on paying back the company. This relieved him as he had debts all over the place; it was better to focus on paying to a single lender.

Impressively, Jayden adhered to the payment pattern stipulated by his lender, and he could pay off his total loan cost in 27 months. He had gotten financially savvy and knew when to put off unnecessary luxury. Looking back, Jayden appreciates the simplicity of RadCred’s site.

“Had RadCred’s site been tiring and confusing, I would have immediately tossed away the idea of lending money from the company. I had searched for diverse lending platforms before RadCred, but none of them had the clarity it gave”.

Today, Jayden is done with schooling and striving to be financially balanced. While he has completed the loan, he has light debts that he steadily pays back. When he starts to spend recklessly or make decisions that will impede his financial growth, he remembers his past mistakes and quickly makes a change.

“While I am not balanced financially yet, I still look at where I am with a grateful heart. I never believed I would pay half of my debts, but I see myself living a life free of debts in the next few years”.

Jayden still has to pay back some debts for the next few years. However, we are amazed at how he has progressed from being a depressed undergraduate shackled in debts to be financially capable. If you haven’t gotten federal loans and hope to get a private loan, you should try RadCred.

Thus, we believe anyone can also get out of debt if he is committed and consistent. Fortunately, RadCred’s large lending platform has made it easy for borrowers.

If you are like Jayden, looking for any kind of loan and confused about some of the loan services- you are not alone. There are too many loan options for students, like law school loans, graduate school loan payments, undergraduate loans, federal student aid, student debt, and federal loans. RadCred is there to answer all your questions. They ensure you understand all the terms of your student loan before you begin your loan process.