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    Installment Loans – Easy Small Amount Paybacks

    An installment loan is a personal loan that avails a lump sum which you’ll then pay back over time. Standard repayment terms include a fixed interest rate and affordable monthly payment schedule. Therefore, a monthly installment will cater to the interest rate and the principal amount in a preset ratio.

    The predictability of the fixed payments and the availability of the lump sum are the primary attractions of this personal loan. Additionally, you can access several installment loans, such as installment loans for bad credit, payday loans, and personal installment loans. Payday loans fall under this category when you opt for extended fixed payments beyond a month. Qualification for these installment loans is not pegged on your credit report or credit history, which is ideal for many individuals. Let us see how installment loans work.

    Why RadCred for Installment Loans?

    RadCred is a trusted installment loan intermediary in the financial world, connecting you with suitable lenders when you’re in need. As an intermediary service, we connect prospective borrowers with reputable lenders.

    Besides availing of the best possible terms, we also educate our installment loan clients on proper credit use, payday loans, personal installment loans, etc. Furthermore, our no-cost installment loan application process is online, eliminating cumbersome paperwork and other inconveniences. You only need a few minutes to complete the installment loan application process on your computer or smartphone.

    What Can Installment Loans Be Used For?

    You can use an installment loan for virtually any purpose. Typically, installment loans are used to offset a considerable expense that your present resources cannot handle. For example, you can buy a car with auto loans, offset the cost of a house, or treat it as a mortgage. Payday loans are best reserved for emergencies.

    We offer our intermediary services to anyone in the US, connecting them to lenders in their area or who have branches there. In addition, we work with national-level lenders, who have more extensive coverage. This way, we ensure you have options when seeking an installment loan. The best bit is that you only need to go online to access our services. 

    Requirements for an Installment Loan

    To qualify for an installment loan online, you need to present:

    • A valid email address.

    • An identification document, such as a government-issued state ID or license. This proves you have the contractual capacity and are a citizen of the US.

    • Proof of income and employment status, such as bank statements or pay stubs. This proves you can pay the loan.

    • Personal banking information such as your bank account number. The money is usually sent to your account, and the repayment installments are picked from the same account.

    • Social Security number.

    Note that a lender may ask for further information from you, depending on the circumstances and their unique requirements. Additionally, it helps if you haven’t filed for bankruptcy before.

    Does Bad Credit Score diminishes the chances of Intallment Loan Approval

    In short, your credit score is not essential to us in your installment loan application. Therefore, having a bad credit score will not hinder your chances of accessing bad credit installment loans. However, certain conditions apply.

    When accessing personal loans, lenders focus on your ability to pay back. Your debt-to-income ratio applies here. As such, your credit score is an indicator of your present financial circumstances. Therefore, while online personal installment loan lenders won’t reject your application because of bad credit, they will take specific preventive measures. One of them is charging you a high-interest rate for monthly installment loans.

    You can improve your situation by first comparing terms from different lenders until you find favorable ones. Additionally, you can increase the lender’s faith in your ability to pay by presenting collateral. Such a commitment tends to allow you better repayment terms.

    Remember, taking an installment loan online is a way to improve your credit history. The monthly payments are a positive addition to your credit history, which raises your score. 

    Is Credit Check Necessary For Installment Loans

    As mentioned, we do not focus on your credit score when you apply for an installment loan. However, depending on your application, a lender may perform a credit check through credit bureaus. Therefore, a good credit score comes in handy for installment loans. This does not mean a poor one will automatically disqualify you. You can remedy the situation by offering some collateral to lessen the impact of a poor credit score.

    Additionally, most financial institutions will focus more on a higher interest rate, such as for a typical payday loan. You only need to determine which option you’re comfortable with. Whichever the case, you’ll have access to the necessary funds and improve your credit score when making the installment loan repayments. Remember, a lender’s primary concern is your ability to repay the installment loan, which should be your focus.

    To Sum It Up

    Online installment loans are outstanding personal loans to help you manage huge expenses or make significant investments. We provide the correct platforms to access the best personal loan terms in the US. Get in touch today to access these installment loans and other personal loans like payday loans.


    What Is An Installment Loan?

    What Is An Installment Loan?

    There are different kinds of financial products and forms of credit out there, however, an installment loan is a particularly common one.  An installment loan can be defined as a kind of credit or loan that is available to consumers to deal with any kind of...

    What Is An Installment Loan?

    What Is An Installment Loan?

    There are different kinds of financial products and forms of credit out there, however, an installment loan is a particularly common one.  An installment loan can be defined as a kind of credit or loan that is available to consumers to deal with any kind of...