31 Jan, 2023
Emergency Loan for single mothers

Words can’t describe the trouble and hardship single mothers go through to make ends meet. Though this situation is extremely disturbing, it becomes worse in the United States of America. According to a survey conducted in 2019, among 130 countries, America is the leading country with the highest number of children who live with a single parent. Today 19 million Americans are trying to raise their kid single-handedly and more than 15 million of them happen to be single mothers. 

However, it’s not all bad news. There are a lot of programs designed to help single mothers. Be it surviving domestic violence or getting healthcare, assistance for widows, housing aid, funds for food, job training, and aid for higher education. Check out Government-run programs for non-profit organizations and charities – immediate assistance for single mothers can be achieved from these initiatives. 

What Is Emergency Cash For Unemployed Single Mothers?

One can’t emphasize enough the distress single mothers face to keep up with the financial requirements. The situation worsens with low-income jobs and a lack of savings. Regardless of these situations, a single mother can get quick cash. The government-run programs offer emergency cash to help single mothers deal with critical circumstances. You can either receive welfare or food stamps. From paying rent to bills and buying utilities – welfare can take care of you, whereas, food stamps will ensure you have the necessary groceries. 

During any emergency, single mothers can achieve financial stability. You could pay bills, rent, food, and medication without worrying about money. 

What Kind Of Emergency Cash Is Available For Single Mothers?

In times of emergency, financial aid will prove to be a blessing for single mothers. Here are some of the fastest ways to avail immediate cash if you’re a single mother. 

Diversion Cash Assistance (DCA):

This is a federally funded initiative that can be applied by simply typing in your state’s name. Reach out to your local office and find out whether they have Diversion Cash Assistance. You can even find out the kinds of benefits that you will be eligible for under this assistance. Keep in mind this financial aid won’t take care of your monthly expenditure but deal with emergency financial situations. The need for an essential item can be taken care of under this initiative. 

Single mothers receiving TANF, can’t receive this assistance and it is under $1300. 

Temporary Aid For Needy Families:

Any family that’s facing financial woes, TANF is designed to come to their aid. The monthly payments received from TANF will help you pay bills. You can avail the  benefits of this program if you’re responsible for children under 18 years and currently don’t have a job or belong to a low income family. Women who are pregnant can also get help from TANF. 

Your local welfare office will be able to give you the necessary information about this. Find out the requirements to apply for this emergency financial assistance. 

Single Parent Project:

A non-profit program that has been created to cover costs like mortgage payments, child care, gas, food, or car repairs. If you’re willing to avail their help, then you must participate in their 6-month program to get back on your feet. These programs are created based on your financial needs and wants. It targets your educational needs, emotional stability, or general welfare. 

Childcare Programs:

The U.S. government helps low-income single mothers with childcare programs. It covers education, care, training, and so on. You can even get benefits from this program to ensure your child can be a part of extracurricular activities. 

Health Insurance:

Medicaid offers medical assistance to single pregnant ladies or mothers. If you’re in need of any sort of medical help, health insurance for single mothers will cover you. 

Stimulus Payments:

Single mothers can now get immediate cash when they are in desperate need of money. This program is an initiative by Emma Johnson who hands $1000 to single mothers in distress. This money can be used for illness, childcare, and other emergencies. You can apply for this if you’re a single mother in need of cash. 

Medical Immediate Assistance For Single Mothers

They should be considered when unemployment benefits or other government assistance programmes are insufficient to assist single moms in accessing primary health care. The Affordable Care Act gives single mother access to low-cost medical and dental care programs offered by the federal government or non-governmental organizations.

Can Single Mothers Get Loans?

Emergency loans are available for single mothers who are taking care of their children without any support or stable monthly income. You’ll need to submit documentation regarding your relationship status, current income, and so on. Single mothers with bad credit scores can also get an emergency loan with ease. However, you should be aware of the benefits that emergency loans for single mothers offer.

  • No Need For Any Collateral:

In case of any emergency, a single mother will get a loan without having to worry about collateral. This reduces the stress that having a loan to your name brings. 

  • Easy EMIs:

Easy, affordable EMIs are offered to single mothers applying for emergency loans. You can choose an EMI based on your financial situation and monthly income. 

  • Impressive Interest Rates:

Unemployed single mothers who are applying for an emergency loan can get the lowest possible rate of interest on their loans. This gesture shows respect and support towards single mothers.

  • Instant Approvals:

Your loan will be approved in no time. Single mothers won’t face any hassle when it comes to getting emergency loans approved. 

  • Don’t Worry About Credit Checks:

Regardless of your credit score, you can get an emergency loan. A single mother won’t have to go through rigorous credit checks. 

Can Charities Offer Single Mothers With Emergency Cash?

There are charitable organizations that work towards offering financial help to single moms. 

More than 160 agencies work under Catholic Charities and offer financial or need-based assistance to people in their respective communities. 

Any single mother in need can gain benefit from the United Way. It’s a national organization that works with local affiliates. From food to shelter, job training to financial assistance – the United Way helps single mothers in any way possible. 

A few programs are created to help single mothers in need by the Salvation Army. They offer aid to single mothers who are facing financial woes. From housing assistance payments to providing educational funds to single mothers wishing to go back to school.

Single mothers can get the financial assistance they need from Government grants, social services, or non-profit organizations. Emergency loans are also an option for immediate cash needed to pay bills or repairs. 

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