3 Aug, 2022

Important Points About Credit Report:

  • Both your financial behavior and payment history are summarized under one umbrella by your credit report or history.
  • Credit score is required for various financial milestones of our life like taking a loan, renting an apartment, or accessing credit card balances or lines of credit.
  • Credit builder loan by diversifying your credit mix, making regular payments on existing debt, and reducing your credit utilization. This holds even if you have no credit history at all or a bad credit score.

Credit score forms an integral part of our life. However, most people are unaware of its importance or how to build a good credit score. The journey to building credit requires both time and patience irrespective of where you stand financially. Today we have prepared a guide that is going to explain the concept of credit score and credit report and how it impacts your life. We will also share 5 credit limit increase boosting tips and expert-approved practices for credit score building that can propel you towards a healthier financial future. Many credit repair companies for building credit usage. Fico credit score is also helpful for the credit check.

What is credit?

Credit refers to a person’s ability to access goods and services or borrow money now and pay it back in the future. Often financial houses track and rate your financial standing from your credit. Both credit score and dispute credit report errors are determined to a great extent by the borrower’s financial behavior. Your credit score will most likely be higher if you have a good records of pay bills timely. Similarly, your credit score might dip below the “fair” mark and be considered bad credit if you make late payments or missed payments or default on a past loan. 

What is the importance of credit building?

You can attain financial stability by building and maintaining your credit. With poor credit reports or without any credit at all, you might have a hard time taking a loan, getting a job, or qualifying for credit cards. Lenders feel more at ease when you have a stellar credit score thus improving your chances of accessing more credit to accomplish your life goals. 

What is the time taken to establish credit?

It doesn’t take much time to build a good credit score even when you start from scratch. You can easily generate a VantageScore® in 1 to 2 months whereas it takes a minimum of 6 months to generate your FICO® Score. Unlike the VantageScore® model, the FICO® Score model calls for an active credit account that is at least 6 months old. A creditor such as a credit card company or a loan provider is also required to report your credit activity during those 6 months to the three major credit bureaus. 

5 techniques of credit building

If you are starting or trying to repair your poor credit, then building good ratings might not always be easy. The main reason behind this is that credit is required for building further credit. Getting credit can be cumbersome if you don’t have any prior credit history. Keeping such things in mind, we have assembled 5 tips that can help either improve or build your credit:

  • Make timely payments

One of the best ways of credit score building is making on-time payments. Rather than being charged late fees, you should make minimum missed payments timely. In case of trouble keeping up with your credit card or loan payments, you can opt for consolidating your debt. Doing this combines utility payments into a single monthly payments and helps in paying off multiple debts at once. You can ring in more savings each month with debt consolidation loans which levy lower interest rates compared to credit cards

  • Utilize minimum credit

You can compare total available credit to the amount used with the credit utilization ratio. As per Experian, your credit utilization constitutes 30% of your credit score. Thus, it is advisable to keep the credit utilization ratio under 30% or as low as possible. If you have a credit card whose credit limit is $2000, then you should utilize a maximum of $600 to improve your credit score by reducing your debt-to-income ratio

  • Continue your credit accounts

If you had struggled to pay down credit card debt previously, then it might feel tempting to close your secured credit card accounts. However, it is always advisable to keep the credit card account open unless you have a proper reason for shutting them down such as exorbitant annual fees. Your total credit will reduce once you close your credit card account thus affecting your credit utilization and shortening your average account age. It is imperative to note here that the average account age of borrowers is an important factor that is considered in calculating the credit score. 

  • Diverse the applications of your credit account

You need to be cautious about when and how often you should apply for new credit accounts. Your credit score drops slightly whenever you apply for a new line of credit. The reason behind this is the hard credit inquiries conducted by creditors before approving the borrower’s application. All the hard inquiries are mentioned in the credit report. If numerous inquiries are performed within a short period, this might seem like a red flag to lenders indicating your financial troubles. It is always advisable to spread out your applications over 6 months or merge multiple applications into a short period. Often applications submitted within a 2-week window are merged into a common batch for being considered “rate shopping.”

  • Induce versatility in your credit mix

A credit mix signifies the different types of bank accounts you hold. This is one of the important factors considered by credit bureau in computing credit ratings. A credit mix shows credit agencies the borrower’s ability in handling different kinds of debt. 10% of your FICO® Score is constituted by the available credit. Thus, you can easily experian boost in your credit score by diversifying your credit card. Though it isn’t the most important deciding factor, you should go about it smartly. 

It is advisable to prequalify for reducing the number of hard credit inquiries appearing on the credit report. You can research various lending or credit card company requirements to be benefitted in the long run. Choosing an affordable credit is also a good idea as usually credit cards levy high-interest rates. This makes a personal loan the most cost-effective way of bringing variation to your credit limits. 

Personal loans are unsecured loans, which aren’t backed by any collateral. The personal loan providers usually determine the interest rate by taking a look at your positive credit history. You might have a tough time qualifying for affordable financing if you are new to credit. However, applying for a personal loan through RadCred can increase your chances of success. Our model levies greater focus on your credit score by factoring in non-traditional variables like your work experience and education. Once your loan gets approved, we will report your on time payment history to various credit bureaus for improving your overall rating. 

Wish to build a credit score? RadCred can be your ally

Building excellent credit scores require plenty of time and patience. Take your first steps towards better credit today whether you wish to boost your credit scores or establish your credit history. Understand your options and the circumstances so that you can take a smart decision that can immensely impact your future. 

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