Joy is a businesswoman in California dealing with wholesale and retail beauty products. At some point in her life, she fell sick and was admitted to a hospital near her home. Unfortunately, her business was going down at a higher rate, and she had no money left in her savings account.

That situation left the lady in an ultimate dilemma of where to get money to pay her medical bills. She thought of borrowing money from a bank, but her credit score could not allow it. Alternatively, she tried applying for various California loans, including payday and personal loans, but most online lenders didn’t authorize her due to credit difficulties. Despite that, she did not give up but continued browsing different online loan sites, submitting details about her financial status and financial needs.

She once found a payday loan lender offering affordable monthly installments, but she was not lucky. This is because the lender had a higher credit score demand which Joy could not meet. Also, the lender asked her to submit additional documentation to verify her income and employment status, which she could not manage as she was yet to register her business.

The situation was unbearable to Joy because her business was collapsing. She kept worrying about where she could find the cash to repay the monthly installments even if she got the loan. Perhaps she was aware of the dire repercussions of missed or late payments after borrowing a personal installment loan.

After many trials, Joy finally came across a friend who introduced her to RadCred. She was assured she could get a long-term financial solution, so she decided to try it.

Finding online personal installment loans or online payday loans that work for you might be intimidating. However, Joy’s journey with RadCred was a major breakthrough. RadCred is one of the most reputable companies offering the best installment loans and other online loans such as payday loans and personal loans. It adheres to all rules and regulations that federal law requires lenders who offer loans online to stick to.


Further, RadCred offers online installment loans with affordable monthly payments. The principal loan amount you borrow from the company is substantial, and the interest paid is not exaggerated.

Therefore, Joy was happy to have found RadCred. She applied by filling out a quick online application form. After a few days, she received a loan offer of the maximum loan amounts she had applied for.

When she saw the offer, she knew her financial problems had found a solution. So, she accepted the offer by acknowledging its contents. And within the next business day, the lady was ready to pay for her medical bills and revive her business.

Indeed, RadCred was an excellent choice for Joy because she found a long-term financial solution. The company was neither interested in her credit record nor her debt-to-income ratio. Also, Joy was happy that RadCred could offer her an installment loan online with a flexible repayment term even without a credit check.

Joy’s journey to free herself from her medical bills lets us know how stressful debts can be. We also see that those who free themselves from such intimidating situations are not extraordinary or superhuman beings.

All you need to do when caught up in such situations is to find the best loan lender or credit unions that can help you out. As we can see from Joy’s story, she tried as much as possible to find a good installment loan from a reputable lender.

Despite her bad credit score RadCred offered her an installment loan which she used to pay her medical bills as well as revive her dying business. Besides, she enjoyed many benefits from RadCred, like flexible fixed payments and incredible interest rates.

So, from Joy’s story, it’s good to say that no one should be afraid of getting a loan. Whether title loans, home improvement loans, or auto loans, all are worthy and easy to get. All you need to do is stick to the lender’s loan terms and pay installments on time so as to avoid a bad credit report.