Joseph finished college six months after he lost his parents in an auto crash and wanted to study Medicine. How can he cope with the loss of his parents?

He was staring at his admission letter when his grandpa entered his room.

“You know it’s not too late to change your mind. I believe you will be successful in school. You are a bright son, but look around you; who’s going to take care of the financing, you or me?” he asked.

“We will find a way to deal with the finances, maybe we should take a loan, but I am not giving up on my dreams,” Joseph replied.

Mr. Richard (Joseph’s grandfather) knew he couldn’t stop his grandson from going to University, but all he was afraid of was “MONEY.” Of course, one cannot talk about achieving anything in life without talking about money.

So Joseph accepted the University admission and moved down to North Carolina. He struggled throughout his University days to meet up with finances. His financial condition slapped him so hard that he had to borrow from his fellow students with the promise of paying back soon. At some point, the students threatened to report him to the school chancellor.

“My life would have ended if the students had reported me to the school chancellor, and she would have probably suspended my classes. I tried taking a personal loan, but it didn’t work. I resorted to borrowing student loans to pay off all the money I owed the students. It was a nightmare for me.”

As graduation year approached, Joseph realized his poor financial condition was a big knock on the head. He has no emergency financial aid, nor does he qualify for any student loan offered by the government. However, he decided to apply for private loans alone.

“I completed my University with $90,00 debt, and I had nothing when I went into practice. I had a poor credit score.”

Joseph spent days skimming through various loan websites, but none responded with a reasonable offer.

Eventually, he came across Radcred.

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Today, Joseph has been talking to friends and colleagues about his success story, but the most crucial part of the story was how Radcred solved his credit difficulties.

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